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Looking to change your life and

achieve more than you ever thought possible?

You’re in the right place.


Welcome to make it happen.

At Make It Happen we’re inspired to develop entrepreneurs, business owners, and ambitious professionals.

They’ll often be plateauing, in a rut, frustrated, unfulfilled, or even depressed.

Working with us they rapidly develop clarity, level up a gear, and achieve dream results.

We have had over 2000+ people attend our events, workshops or coaching programmes.

We solve our client’s immediate problems and biggest challenges using strategic intervention then hold them accountable.

This results in them rapidly transforming their lives by living congruently on their journey towards their dream life.

The Mission

Our mission is to inspire 1 billion people to develop the mindset, skills, and network so they wake up each morning feeling aligned, and living their dream life.

But that’s not even the real win – the real win is ‘The Ripple Effect’ that benefits their family, friends, community, society, humanity, and the universe.

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I don’t believe in problems, I believe in solutions

Will Polston

Our Services

Our services have been carefully crafted to provide people, regardless of what level of personal and professional development they’re at to meet their desired goals.

the evolve network


evolve together.
1:1 coaching.


unlock your potential.
the evolve mastermind.





think differently.
act differently.
get different results.

What’s stopping you becoming all you can be?

Video Testimonials

Dr John Demartini

World leading authority on human behaviour and personal development.

David Plant

Founder of DAP Architecture

Richard Jones

Winner of Britain's Got Talent.

Speranza Holloway

Owner of Mind Body Fit


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