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the evolve network.

The Evolve Network is an online monthly networking event with two guest speakers from the personal development industry. An ideal opportunity to make connections with like-minded people to be supported, encourage others and learn new knowledge to enable themselves to grow

who is the evolve network for?

The Evolve Network is for entrepreneurs, leaders and ambitious professionals that wish to develop a growth mindset and immerse themselves amongst positive, driven, like-minded people whilst being inspired and learning from some of the world’s leading personal development coaches and speakers on a monthly basis.

It’s for those that wish to be supported, encourage others and learn new knowledge to enable themselves to grow.

Connect with at least 9 positive driven, ambitious, like-minded people across 3 separate break out rooms per event.

why be a member?

According to research from Harvard University (McClelland 1961) the biggest determining factor of success, longevity and fulfilment is a person’s ability to create and cultivate a powerful peer group.

At Make It Happen we too feel it is highly necessary to have a group of people that influence you, challenge you, support you that you admire and trust.

We use a simple formula to help you design and create a peer group that will influence, inspire, challenge and support you throughout your life journey. This includes a simple way that your peer group can help add more meaning and purpose to your life as well.

Learn from 2 world-class speakers at each event.

One of those speakers, in July, is Jean-Pierre De Villiers 

JeanPierre is an Inspirational Speaker, High-Performance Coach, Author, and Plant-Based Athlete.  He is the author of several books, is a professional martial artist, has completed multiple ultra-marathons and other endurance events, is an Ironman triathlete, and was voted as health coach of the year.

Jean-Pierre will be talking at The Evolve Network on Wednesday 28th July 2021 about “Self-Mastery”

Benefits of self-mastery: –

Mind – More certainty in mind
Body – more energy in the body
Spirit – more purpose and passion in your heart

Jean-Pierre De Villiers will be speaking on Wednesday 28th July 2021. 

your MPM group – 33% Rule

This simple concept is a guide that can help you to create the ultimate peer group. If your peer group was made up of 12 solid people we would recommend splitting the group into three groups.


Who are they:
People you can learn from in the area that you are focused on excelling in.

They have a track record of performance and have achieved exceptional results you can model.


Who are they:
People at a similar stage of experience as you are in the category of life you are focused on.

You can trade tips and strategies to help each other consistently improve performance.


Who are they:
People that are a step or two behind you.

You can share with them what works and what doesn’t to help them to excel on their journey.

Being able to spend time with these people as often as possible will speed up your process and being a member of The Evolve Network is a way that will enable you to build your MPM group.

what’s included.

Get access to The Evolve Network Members area with over a dozen resources that are added to regularly to ensure you keep evolving into the best version of yourself.

what's the investment?

Join today for £25 per month. I’m so confident that you’ll find immense value in your Evolve Network membership, I’ll happily refund every penny if you decide within 30 days that being a member isn’t for you.

There’ll be no questionnaires to fill out or hoops to jump through. Just drop my team an email within 30 days of joining, and we’ll refund you on the spot.

Get started risk-free with my 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here's what our members think of The Evolve Network

“The experience of being in The Evolve Network is like being part of a community, like being part of a self-help family, it’s fantastic. There’s people there that you could go to at any point at any time of the day and just say look I've got this problem, can you help or does anyone in this community have this expertise? And, you know someone’s going to pipe up, they’re not going to judge you, they’re going to help you and the people that are in there really want to see you succeed and become the best version of yourself possible. I’ve met some incredible people and I've grown my network immensely.”

- Adam Proud

“ I was inspired from the first meeting, you get a combination of amazing speakers that really inspire and motivate with their knowledge, and insights along with being able to network with like-minded people, people who want to develop, want to progress, want to improve themselves, it's a really nice combination of building relationships along with personal development and on top of that there are so many resources and support mechanisms available for you. The Evolve Network is unique, and really holds you accountable, it is so supportive, I have felt that every month I have been given that boost, I’ve felt inspired, empowered, and motivated and it's helped me along my journey. I have created great relationships but it's also given me the opportunity to do business with members of the group as well, enabling me to achieve certain things that I may not have fully achieved if it hadn't been for The Evolve Network ”

- James Dand

“The Evolve Network is great to connect with others, pick up their tips and see how other people are implementing things that they’re picking up from group, it's a really great opportunity to surround yourself with those people. Being part of The Evolve Network has been really great for me to have some accountability, I have become really invested in my morning routine, keeping to it in a really strict and structured way and knowing that I'm doing that alongside other people that I have met in the group and connected with.”

- Hannah Harrison

“For me being part of The Evolve Network is about surrounding myself with people who will lift me, like-minded people who are driven, who can keep me motivated and help me stretch myself. I love going to the events where everyone in the virtual room has the same intention, the experiences, the speakers, the members, it's almost electric in feel and you come away like you're walking on air, looking to take immediate action based on what you’ve just learnt. Since being part of The Evolve Network, I have some great plans that I want to execute, take me into the direction that I plan to go in.”

- Reg Goslin

“When I first heard about The Evolve Network, I had started to read books about personal development but I did not have friends or people that I knew that were into it as well. I got involved with the morning routine accountability, also learnt about how to set my goals which I had no idea before. I really enjoy The Evolve Network virtual events as you get to interact in the breakout rooms, it's really good to get to know people with the same mindset with all different jobs, and experiences in life, it's good to share. Since joining I have started setting my goals and keeping track of my goals, I started my own online fitness business. I have met so many people and some of them are my friends now.”

- Sonia Pires