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Client Testimonials

“I’ve been on a self-development journey for a number of years now using different methods and techniques to be the best version I of me I could. Working with Will has allowed me to take this to the next level that has delivered immediate results. Now with clarity on purpose and clear goals set I have implemented simple daily routine changes that allow me to achieve these aspirations easily. 30 days into my 90-day plan and I had already ticked off everything that I needed to achieve which is a first for me. I have a different perspective on my life and what I want to achieve which has developed my mindset into a positive force now knowing everything I want is well within my reach. Will checks in with me regularly to ensure I am accountable and is always available for when I need to get advice on something quickly. I’m a big fan of Will’s T.W.A.T. (A task management tool) which I use everyday…. The impact on the changes Will has helped me implement has not only had a direct impact on my life but has ripple through to my family, friends, staff, and customers. Although short in height, don’t let make you think there isn’t much there…If you are in search of what is missing in your life, want somebody to provide immediate results and grow you, then Will is your man.”

Alistair Sergeant
Coaching Client

“When I started working with Will, I had reached a sticking point, probably for the first time in my career. Having climbed the corporate ladder and then set up a business on the side, I felt stuck in a never-ending transition between corporate life and the life I really wanted to lead and exhausted from competing priorities. Will quickly helped me to gain clarity on the situation, to separate facts from limiting beliefs and to plan a way forward that was both achievable and motivating. He was accessible whenever I needed him in-between coaching sessions and in fact, frequently stopped and changed negative thoughts and behaviours in real-time via a text or call! The biggest surprise however was the impact that Will’s coaching had on all other areas of my life. Within less than three months, I felt like a different person – focused and just a whole lot more like myself. I am not a natural coachee and have never really bought in to the life coaching industry, but Will as completely changed my opinion of it. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t learn something from him, that I don’t grow a little bit more … and having someone that TRULY gets my vision, believes I am capable of achieving it and is willing to be by my side in the ups and downs of that journey, makes me feel like literally anything is possible!”

Kelly Ann Teasdale
Coaching Client

“I met Will at a time in my life in which I was at my lowest, my self-confidence was low. I had no real direction in which my life was heading. My business was doing ok but I felt I wasn’t working hard enough and doing my best for the business. I really enjoyed my time working with Will. I learnt a lot about myself and what I really wanted from life. Will gave me the tools to make sure I was productive every day and checked in on me every couple of days to see how I was getting on, this was really helpful as if I was taking it easy it gave me a push to get back on target. Working with Will helped me to understand goal setting which has now been incorporated into the day to day running

of my business, I now feel my company has a direction and a purpose for each day. Personally, Will helped me gain my confidence back which also helped me to get back to working in the fire station quicker. I now feel happy with how my business is running and happy that I am able to be back working at the station From the initial meeting with will I knew he was someone that I needed to work with, he gave me an insight as to where I currently was in comparison to where I want to be. My only concern was the price but had faith in Will and he did not disappoint. The value I received outweighs the price I was paying. Not only did he improve my personal life and help me to feel happier he also helped me bring an understanding of where my business was at. So anyone in the same position should definitely consider working with Will”

Mitchell Baldock
Coaching Client

“I was in a place that felt like I didn’t have any room for my own thoughts or headspace. I also felt so headstrong trying to control my personal life that I didn’t have any ultimate goals that I could think of. Will allowed me to realise that an ultimate goal doesn’t have to be that obvious or about work necessarily but just something that you want to do to make you happy. Providing us with tools and experiences that made you understand that and assisted you with getting there. I have already started with the improvements of ‘me’ and the things I need to improve on which will, in turn, improve other areas of my life. Even if you believe you do not need something like this at this point, or you have too much going on, there is always room for improvement and I do believe that I have turned a corner and looking more positively thanks to Will.”

Hayley Bull
Attendee of corporate talk

“The impact working with Will has had on my life is impossible to describe. I asked for more confidence. I was faking confidence, not truly confident or comfortable in myself or my own capabilities. What I got was more than just an answer of how to achieve confidence, but a supported journey to it – and beyond it. Will opened my mind to being able to identify when, or before self doubt kicks in, what I can do to take control of that and see it as it is rather than let it affecting me. Not to mention various other aspects of my life that he branched into that needed my attention which I was clearly avoiding. The experience for me has being invaluable.”

Siobhan Carslake
Coaching Client

“A couple of months ago I was living in a sad bubble. I needed my new business to be a success, I’d done so much research, learning, training courses and I still wasn’t getting anywhere. I went to an event and listened to Will do his talk and I suddenly realised that the problem with my business was

me! It was my complete lack of self-confidence. Will offered to work with me and I have to say he is a God! He has taught me to think differently about myself, he has showed me ways of coping when I’m having a ‘down’ day and more importantly he has helped me to love myself. I had spent 19 years of my life being made to feel worthless, no good, damaged goods and an utter nothing. At times I felt that I was just wasting the Earths oxygen. Within months of working with Will he had empowered me to be the real me, to stop being scared of people, to stop hiding and to stop living in my past. On one occasion I wanted to quit, it was hard it was painful and I felt raw. It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but Will was with me every step of the way. If I needed him then he would be there instantly, I had to text him every day to tell him how I was feeling. How many life coaches offer you that? He goes above and beyond with his coaching and I owe him everything and more. My business is now quickly picking up. I have meetings booked in, people to see, coffee to drink and a huge smile on my face…all thanks to Will. With Will’s straight talking, life changing coaching I now tie my hair up, walk with my head held high and succeed in every aspect of my life. Not bad going for someone who didn’t feel they were worth anything a couple of months ago. I truly do regard Will as my saviour and I owe him my life because I now actually have one. Thank you Will P.s. I’m going to drive to Essex and take you out for a meal. You are amazing and you will never know just how much you have helped me. I actually do owe you my life.”

Amy Thomas
Attendee of corporate talk

“Our team of PAs and Team Assistants have had a lot of change recently within the company and get a lot of decisions made out of our control. Because of this, a lot of the team felt deflated, frustrated and definitely had a lack of enthusiasm. Will’s service has been excellent and perfectly timed. We booked so that it took place just before our appraisals and it has made everyone leave the afternoon with a new found enthusiasm and some great tools to enable them to change their mindset. The meeting only took place last week, but there have been immediate changes and the feedback has been really positive with some so appreciative of having been given tools to build confidence – and also the understanding that the feelings they were having wasn’t just them personally. The only negative was they wished the session was longer as they felt they could have gained even more from a longer session. If you are thinking about booking Will to speak, don’t think about it – book it!”

Global Property Company
Corporate Client

“I attended Will’s Unlock your Potential event with my partner Thoko in Chelmsford. Will is a motivational, direct, inspiring and witty guy and the day was immensely rewarding! We were 11 attendees, so we had the opportunity to network and get to know the other people around us. It’s always a pleasure to meet new people that share the common interest of personal growth. The event provided me with beneficial “light bulb” moments, such as understanding about what drives me, and my “why” for doing what I do and taking the choices I take. There were many times of laughter, and also some moments of inner looking and tears. Brilliant! I would recommend Will to anyone that is interested on his/her personal growth!”

Agi Keramidas
Unlock Your Potential attendee

Before I started working with Will, it’s fair to say that I was pretty lost. I had become completely stuck in a rut, had minimal motivation, and just lost my spark and passion. Overall I was frustrated and depressed with where I had ended up, despite achieving so much previously. I needed help unraveling those reasons, because the impact was huge for me physically, mentally and financially. I had become insular, and it was affecting my family and my business to a dangerous degree. It wasn’t just that I needed help understanding the situation, what I really needed was a solution, some direction and motivation. The effect that Will has had in just a few weeks is mind blowing. The initial feeling was a huge relief that I had struck gold and found someone who smashed my expectations. We set about a clear and achievable plan and worked through issue by issue. I feel like a different person, and have a renewed sense of direction, belief and motivation. My wife loves that she’s got the old me back, and my kids are benefitting too. I have been in business for 15 years, and this is, without doubt, the best investment I have made. I just wish I had of done it a few years earlier. If you are still unsure whether Will is the right person for you, I urge you to pick up the phone or drop him a line. Don’t waste the time that I did and delay, you will not be disappointed with the results.”

Carlton Brailey
Coaching Client

“Before we had Will speak at the salon, myself and the team were not communicating as well as we could to get the results we all wanted. I felt my team lacked focus and motivation and just expected good results to happen. The team were struggling to grow their client bases too. My team were very resistant at first but Will delivered the session very well and was good at bringing the team out of their comfort zones and for me that was what it was all about, exploring ideas with a different approach from my own capability. Since Will spoke at the salon we have realised communication and focus are key. We work far better together and we have had growth in the business. If you are considering booking Will to speak I would say you have nothing to lose. At times, you need to practice and learn a different skill set outside of hair that you can bring to your life and your business, Will was fantastic and I’m so glad we went ahead it was nice to try something different and open up our ideas and minds”

Stark Hair
Corporate Client

“Before working with Will I felt lost, lacked focus and suffered from depression and anxiety. From my first session with Will he helped me gain focus on where I was going in life as well as clarity on my business. He has been and still is my rock and at any point, 24/7 he is there to support me, no matter how big or small my problem is and knowing that you have that constant reassurance and person there for you is a life changer. My business has grown massively in the past 3 months since working with Will. He has helped me set, take action towards and achieve my business and financial goals. Being a young, self employed, single business owner comes with a lot of mental and emotional stress and Will has completely taken me under his wing to support and guide me through my life building process. I would dread to think where I’d be now if it wasn’t for Will and I can’t imagine not having him in my life. If anybody ever has fears, doubts, negative thoughts or limiting self-beliefs about yourself or your business then Speak to Will and he’ll change your life.”

Sarah Gibbons
Coaching Client

Before working with Will I was struggling to find clarity. I knew where I wanted my business to be, but I had mental blocks holding me back and as a result, I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and unhappy. Working with Will has enabled me to find that clarity and see how my self-talk was contributing to my confidence issues. Before I worked with Will, he said that although we have a booked session every 2 weeks, he is there for me day or night if I need him. Not many coaches offer this and I wasn’t sure if he really would be, but he showed me he was. He also checked in each week to check I was ok. One time he even called me to check all was well as my response was a bit vague. I was struggling with an emotional and confidence issue at the time, which he recognised helping me to push through it. I now feel like the fog has lifted and the path forward is much clearer. I am much more focused and moving forward with an increase in confidence. I have worked with coaches before, but always felt they didn’t support me in the right way. They never understood what I needed or where I was which meant, I was unsure about working with Will. However, he did what he could to negate my concerns and he always delivered what he said he would if not more. If you are not sure, give Will the chance. He will show you very quickly what he can do.”

Coaching Client

“I first made contact with Will to discuss a trip he was looking to book, and during that conversation got talking about the Make it Happen Events. I went along to the Chelmsford meet in November, inspired by the energy in the room, the gathering of likeminded and hearted people I decided to join. As part of your membership, I was offered a one to one session with Will, an offer that I took up. That 1st session for me with Will was a major turning point; I was doing OK business wise, but felt I didn’t truly understand my purpose, and my vision lacked clarity. Together we identified, my key values, looked at goals I wanted to achieve short and long term; I had a challenge that I needed to achieve in a short space of time, it felt like a mountain to climb, but with support and guidance from Will in setting some clear goals, milestones and most importantly some accountability

measures, the challenge became achievable, because through the support Will gave, I started to believe it was achievable. This is the difference in working with Will, he brings the best out in you, by helping you identify your purpose, getting you to focus on what needs to be done and keeping you accountable to the goals you have set. I achieved the challenge ahead of the date we had set, it has been hard, but because I was feeling aligned – my purpose, actions and goals all focused on the same thing, week on week successes just kept coming; Self -belief is so powerful, the challenge no longer felt impossible, especially with Will being there to call on for a motivating chat, a pat on the back and keeping me accountable for the commitments I had made to him and myself. We have since sat down, to set new goals and challenges, that far exceed my initial plans, I have grown personally and professionally, I feel congruent and full of passion as I know that I am on a path that leads me to my ultimate goals. This fills me with excitement knowing that there is no limit to what I can achieve if I put my mind, heart and soul into it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Will, if you are looking for a Coach who gets ow to get you on your chosen path, give you clarity on your goals and vision and get you taking action to Make it Happen then he is your man, take that step and don’t look back.”

Debbie Hunt
Coaching Client

“Looking back now, I was in limbo and a little lost prior to my first meeting – this is how I would best describe where I was when I decided to work with Will. I was working part time as well as running my company part time – I knew I wanted to take the step to leaving work and being able to concentrate on my business full time but didn’t know how I was going to be able to do that. I was lost in myself and in the direction, my life was going to go. I didn’t know what to expect from my first session with Will, I had been recommended to see Will and if I’m honest I didn’t really believe in the whole life coach/mentor thing but decided to go with an open mind. My first session was not what I expected at all!! But I left feeling quite positive and it really made me start to think about a lot of different things about myself and my life. 4 months on from that first meeting, I have now left my job and am a full-time business owner – this is something I could never have imagined four months ago, my outlook on my life is totally different. I feel I am in a completely different place to where I was both personally and with my business. I have more confidence in myself and in my ability. I am learning daily and have developed a new zest for life. I would say whatever preconceived ideas you have on life coaches/mentors etc, give it a go. It has helped me take the step to doing what I have always wanted to do and being accountable to someone who is impartial and not involved in my business and my life helps immensely. I still have a long way to go, but without deciding to go along to that first meeting, I can honestly say I would not be in the position I am in right now, which is a pretty good place to be with my business, my headspace and my life. I would highly recommend working with Will if you wish to get on track to reach your full potential.”

Carolyn Pink
Coaching Client

“Before I met Will I was in a dark place. I felt like I had no clarity or focus, and felt very unhappy and stuck in a stressful and pressured ‘job’ with no direction of where I wanted to be in life. I met Will in April this year at a networking event, where I heard him deliver a short and powerful presentation. This presentation peaked my interest, so I decided to contact him to find out more. Right now I feel much happier, focused and have absolute clarity around my goals for the future. Will has inspired me to take action and visualise what I really want out of life. How have I done this? Over the past 4 months I have worked with Will on a one to one coaching level, which I’d recommend to anyone looking up change their life and create their own destiny. I’d have no hesitation in recommending his services, in fact, my friends are now using him!!”

Lynz McBain
Coaching Client

“I started coaching with Will in May 2016. I approached him after months of following his content and attending his seminars and decided that needed to take some action. I am self employed and one now my biggest problems was accountability. I am driven to succeed and love what I do but sometimes I found myself not being proactive enough and would waste days not pushing forward on my business. In my line of work I am very much helping people and pushing them to be better. So why not me was my thinking so we got right to work. So after meeting with Will from that very first session I new this was the right decision. I now have no excuse to not execute on my targets. Will is always on me to get stuff done and for me that works best. Having worked with him I have increased my productivity. I had the best year to date in 2016 and I have set some amazing targets for 2017 to achieve. Just some of the goals I achieved in 2016 – I increased my business goals and hit targets I never thought possible – I set up a 2nd business that I have always wanted to do. – I earnt double from my full time salary in 2015 – I had an impact on a range of people’s lives – My wife and I are expecting our first baby – I got to treat my sister to her 21st birthday with a trip away – had an amazing honeymoon with my wife to America There were so many goals and target that I achieved but those are just a few. If you are sitting on the fence about coaching with Will in would 100% urge you to take the opportunity. He has got amazing skills but most importantly he cares to see you succeed and for me that is all I need someone who believes in me and wants to see me succeed I am so excited for 2017 and I will continue to work with Will because he has helped me a hell of a lot.”

Wez Chimmunchlam
Coaching Client

“When I met Will I was low in self-confidence, lacked motivation and didn’t really know what I wanted in life. I was what I call ‘bobbing along’ in the ‘ocean of life’ letting the tide take me where it wanted. Will assured me that if I was committed to making the necessary changes then within 3 months he could raise my self-confidence levels and help me to start becoming ‘the best version of myself’. Due to my negative thought patterns, I doubted Will’s prediction but knew it was time to take action in my life so away we went. Almost 3 months later and I’m thankful that I decided to work with Will because it has massively changed my life for the better. Right from the 1st session, Will helped me work out what my goals were on a personal, professional and financial level and set me targets which were baby steps in getting my head back in the right place and on a positive vibrational frequency. Since then I have read various books recommended by Will and we have worked on various techniques to help keep me in a positive mindset. My self-confidence has dramatically increased to the point where I have made the commitment to face my biggest fear of public speaking which is a HUGE thing for me. “

Simon Hutson
Coaching Client

“Would like to say a massive thank you to Will after yesterday’s unlock your potential event. I learnt a lot of things about myself that I didn’t realise I was doing or not doing. Even to the point I went for a 20min run this morning before work and I only said I was going to run for 10mins & I hate running let alone waking up early on a Monday to do it! My personal outcome of the event was to help me figure out what my goals are but I believe I’ve unlocked a lot more then that & I started reading burn the bullshit book by Steve Doran & I hate reading but I’m looking forward to going home an reading more when I finish work. That little voice in my head with all the reasons why I shouldn’t do anything isn’t there anymore and I’m just getting on with things and looking at things in a different way. Highly recommend wills sessions. Thanks for giving me belief will.”

Dane Nelson
Unlock Your Potential attendee

“I attended Unlock Your Potential and it’s really not something I would do usually but it’s probably the best thing I’ve done and a great way to kick off 2017. I don’t usually leave feedback but I need people to know this is for everyone most of my life was spent in and out of trouble I have started up two business now and had not much direction etc and thanks to Will not only has he helped me with that but helped me to set goals and stick to them, helping me stick to routine ….. If you’re reading this testimonial then book a course and thank me later. “

Billy Long
Unlock Your Potential attendee

“The Make It Happen course changed my life entirely. Will is a fantastic speaker and really knows how to get the most out of you, so that you can get the most out of yourself. My outlook towards everything is much more positive and productive all thanks to the course. I have and will continue to recommend it to absolutely everyone. I cannot think of one person that wouldn’t benefit from a Make It Happen course.”

Mike Brummitt
Unlock Your Potential attendee

“Thank you so much for a great day at Unlock Your Potential. Your presentation was amazing, thought provoking and entertaining throughout. I loved every minute of the day from the introductions, group participation, sharing the groups individual goals to your motivating end speech. Thank you for the gift and can’t wait to get stuck into “Burn the Bullshit” Thanks for giving me the key to unlocking my potential. Take care and look forward to seeing you soon”

Bev Hegley
Unlock Your Potential attendee

“I also thoroughly enjoyed the evening. While I have quite a number of ‘goals’ I’d like to achieve, I have a quite deep seated aversion to sticking to any kind of a plan. Anyway I woke up the following morning feeling like I’d been ‘cured’ and I actually felt really excited at the prospect of sticking to a plan. I’m not quite sure ‘what’ has happened here but right now I’m really confident that I’ll be successful in reaching the goals I set for myself – the first of which is to lose 19 lbs by the end of March. So thank you Will. Like I said, I’m a bit amazed at this sudden change of heart after having attended your discovery evening.”

Linda Nepean
Willpower member

“Will’s course was excellent and it has changed my behavior instantly. By understanding the deeper reasons why we have goals, and creating a process to achieve them and avoid stumbling blocks, I have managed to create and implement a great plan for the New Year. I can feel it working already!”

Chris Branch
Owner of Forte Physical Health

“I attended one of Will’s seminars as support to my son and came out feeling very positive and focused. I was initially skeptical however as I sat there and listened to Will talk, a lot of what he said made sense and was quite up lifting. Whilst completing the tasks it made me reflect on my life and what I could do to achieve and change things. His approach to this is very effective. Challenging you to be honest with yourself made me realise that I can achieve my goals by simply following a structure. I have since got a new job and started a fitness regime and booked in for a class. I am looking forward to attending the full day course and every day I tell myself I can ‘make it happen’ this is thanks to Will.”

Michelle Hawkins

“There’s very few people I know that strive to be the best they can be and that are as driven to be successful as Will. The fact he is willing to share that drive and help others get to where they can get to is a phenomenal trait. He installs a belief in you and gives you the guidance you need to get to where you really want to.”

Adam Stark

“Will is clearly passionate about enriching the lives of others by unlocking their potential. He is truly engaging and memorable in his presentation style and brings the room alive with interaction and activities. I left Will’s seminar feeling motivated and positive with a clear focus on what I was going to achieve over the following 6 weeks. I also have some skills that I have been able to transfer into other areas of my life to maintain that positive change. Thank you Will.”

Tracey Corlett

“I have this evening spent a great 90 minutes at Will Polston’s make it happen conference. I went in a sceptic and came out a believer with some really valuable planning tools. If you get an opportunity you should get to one of his conferences, you will not regret it.”

Steven Jones

“I have been to a number of events in the last couple of years with mixed feelings on the “self help” culture that is emerging. I found Will not only refreshing but genuine in his over all demeanour and message, ultimately to help others unlock and fulfill there potential in every facet of their lives. I would not hesitate to recommend Will and Make It Happen. Potentially life changing stuff…”

James Sweeney

“Will is an exceptionally driven and positive individual.

The time I spent working with will dramatically increased my awareness of self-development.

With the drive and high levels of energy that bought Will success , the presence of Will acted as a reminder to myself of what can be achieved and without doubt contributed majorly to my own success.”

Peter Vanspall

“Very positive way to look at improving your outlook on life (professional and personal)”

James Melhuish

“I wouldn’t have any problem in recommending him to anyone and everyone!”

Shaun Pope

“If you are looking for the Power to Achieve and Succeed in all aspects of your life, then Make It Happen is for you.”

Andy Scott

“From the moment you meet Will you sense an energy about him. He has a fantastic way with people and a unique ability to draw out the best in you so you can live the life you want.

No matter how crazy your goal is, Will help you make it happen!”

Andrew Sillitoe

“Will has what can only be described as an inspiring personality. He has always looked to better himself and he is a big believer in creating positive mental thoughts to create positive outcomes. It is great he is able to inspire and support so many individuals including myself to succeeding at what they do. If I would have to describe Will in 2 words it would be an inspiring advocate.”

Daniel Cox

“No matter who you are, no matter how successful, no matter how happy—Will has something to offer you.”

Robert Joseph

“From my experience working with Will I can say he certainly has an ability to motivate others, he does is through his own success and his desire to help others to succeed.”

Shaun Hawkins

“What can be said about Will can be said about so few, his energy is electric and is seamlessly funnelled into all that he sets out to do. As a motivator and professional character Will sets the bar high, often helping people achieve their absolute optimum. If he can get me there he can certainly do the same for you!”

Benjamin Sidebotham