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5 Ways To Dream Bigger

I’m sure at least at one point in your life, you have been told to ‘dream big’ and it’s all very well, makes sense but why should we? I think this James Allen quote sums it up nicely… “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream,

The Truth About Depression On Blue Monday

At the time of this blog going live, it is Blue Monday 2019, the 3rd Monday in January. Blue Monday is the term given to the one day of the year when we are supposedly the most miserable. It was originally conceived by a PR

5 biggest regrets of the dying…

5 biggest regrets of the dying… Bronnie Ware an Australian care worker wrote a best selling book that detailed the 5 things her patient’s consistently said they regretted at the end of their lives: 1. They wished they’d had the courage to live a life

How to change negative emotions?

How to change negative emotions? If you wasn’t aware I’d update you on my relationship status: Still ‘dating’. The good news is I went on another date the other week. The victim and I were messing about describing each other qualities… she managed to dig

The Art of Getting More Done

A friend of mind Jimbo asked a question in a Facebook group the other month: “Who thinks they could be doing more and making more happen for their business?”   The results were quite interesting. There was the majority saying they are operating at 70%

Your belief system is affecting you more than you think…

A belief according to google is: “An acceptance that something is true, especially one without proof.” I tend to define it as simply: “A feeling of certainty.” A belief is state, an internal representation that drives your behaviour. There are many examples of how strongly

Do you know the 5 levels of action?

In 2013 I had a life changing moment, a moment I call my lightning moment. That moment made me realise my 10+ year belief that money equals happiness wasn’t true and that it was really down to the fact my dad didn’t really achieve what

Become emotionally successful

Take control of your emotions If you consciously control your consistent emotions you begin deliberately control and shape the quality of your life. I’ve met with many a ‘successful’ (define it how you wish) person that is not happy. It is true that there is