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About make it happen.

make it happen. is a coaching and training service that has a passion to serve and provide the best possible coaching, NLP training, life-improving education and personal development networking events to entrepreneurs across the UK.

make it happen. aims to empower as many people as possible to unlock their full potential and make it happen. Every one of our team has fully embraced the power of coaching and gratefully benefited from it and want to share this life-changing knowledge with others. They have seen the success it has bought themselves and their clients and want to empower others to alter habitual behaviour, enhance communication, overcome obstacles, strengthen relationships, maintain a positive and resourceful state of mind, shift unwanted feelings, alter perceptions, utilise the unconscious mind and achieve lifelong goals.

Our aim is for as many people as possible to benefit from this life-changing way of thinking and achieve success across all areas of their lives. Our coaching not only influences our clients but in turn creates a ripple effect influencing their friends, family and colleagues to benefit from this philosophy. Every thought, feeling and action that we can inspire, allows
us to come another step closer to our goal of positively influencing the lives of 1 billion people.

“The power of make it happen. is not what we do, but more the positive effect we have on the people we are able to be of service to. For me, the value of our work is in the difference that we make on people’s lives which not only benefits them but their family, their friends, their community, society and humanity. This is what I like to refer to as ‘The Ripple Effect’ and with this, I intend on empowering 1 billion people to unlock their full potential and make it happen.Mission Statement – Will Polston.

Will Polston

about the founder.

From a very young age, I always knew I wanted to be successful. With this in mind, I spent a lot of time studying those at the top. My view was if I could take all of their best attributes, mix in my own and drive I would be a better version of me. Practising this simple method became my self taught blueprint to be successful in all aspects of life.

“This blueprint served me well for many years and put me on the track to refine my personal journey of success by reading, watching and listening to self-help resources.”

The techniques I had taught myself throughout my career in sales helped me greatly but more so when I got to management level as I had to drive, inspire and motivate my sales staff and taught them techniques I had learnt to get the best out of themselves.


For many years, like many others, my idea of how successful someone is was based on their bank account and material belongings. It was when I attended ‘Unleash the Power Within’ a phenomenal 4-day course by world leading life coach Tony Robbins in 2012 that my view on success and my ambitions in life changed forever.


It was during a very emotional story of how Tony Robbins himself fell into life coaching that I had my calling. I could relate to him so much it had me in tears of happiness. At the age of 23 I had identified my ultimate goal in life, I wanted to empower 1,000,000 people to unlock their potential and make it happen.

For many years I continued to study and teach myself using various resources to get to the point of finally being able to launch my company, make it happen. to make the next step towards my ultimate goal.

“I am now a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, a member of the International Coach Federation, the world’s only globally recognised coaching body. a certified Master Coach., a TEDx & International speaker. I have been a finalist for the Coach of The Year at the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultant awards and also I am currently a blogger for The Huffington Post.”

Using strategic intervention I have worked with celebrities, professional athletes, business owners and those at the lowest of lows to take their lives from where they are to where they want them to be.

make it happen. aims to inspire people to be able to fulfil their full potential in life and make it happen not just to help you achieve your goals in business or pleasure but to heighten feelings of confidence and self-belief. I look forward to providing you with clarity. action. accountability. and help you make it happen.

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