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Unlocking a person’s true potential to improve their performance without teaching them

One to one coaching with a Make It Happen Coach can help you create a powerful alliance designed to enhance the life long process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfilment.

We understand it is important to operate at your optimum, at all times. Overcoming obstacles and situations that are currently holding you back from you achieving your full potential will enable you to live the life of fulfilment and personal success that you have strived for.

We truly believe everyone should have a coach and therefore have a hand selected team of coaching professionals all of whom have worked with a significant number of men and women on a one-to-one basis. To ensure that the highest quality coaching is offered to you, all associates have been through a detailed selection process to become a Make It Happen coach.

How it works

We provide 100% bespoke coaching programmes and for the period of time you require it, not just me dictating you need 3, 6 or 12 months. We get results by being in your life, where you have 24/7 all round access to your coach. An added benefit of becoming a Make It Happen client is that my network becomes your network.

We have different coaches that work differently with everybody simply because everybody is different.

Please read more about who are Make It Happen coaches are below and to find out more or to book in for a session please send us a message via the form below

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Chelsea Simpson

NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach

Chelsea Simpson is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach with the Institute of Psychological Qualifications and Assessment (IPQA). Chelsea works with people who want more out of life, people who have challenges they want to overcome and goals they want to achieve.

Chelsea knows how powerful coaching can be, having her own life transformed in the last few years. Overcoming sexual abuse at the age of 18, Chelsea found herself in a domestic abusive relationship for the years that followed. She really lost her way and her identity. Working within the corporate world, she loved what she was doing but something was missing and it was mainly herself. Chelsea had lost her confidence and her self-esteem and this was replaced with anxiety and fear. Until one day she was ready to fight, she decided she was no longer a victim of her circumstances, she was the creator of her life and it was time to change. This is when she found NLP and coaching and began to work on reconnecting with who she was. Chelsea connected with what was important to her and learnt how to live without fear and worry.

Since becoming a coach Chelsea has worked with hundreds of people and inspired thousands. From working with young leaders at the Kent FA to working with large networking organisations, Chelsea has worked with people from all walks of life and with all different challenges. The one thing they all have in common, is they are ready to make massive changes to their current situations and they want more. One of Chelsea’s greatest achievements is speaking about sexual abuse to an audience of 1000 women at Bolton Football Stadium. Something she spent years hiding and feeling ashamed of, became her greatest tool in helping others find their strength and their value.

Another of Chelsea's biggest achievements and also her daily inspiration is her two beautiful children. She knew that no matter what she had to show them they can do whatever they want in their life as long as they have the belief in themselves and have the strength to never give up.

And that is her goal, her life's purpose, to inspire people every single day, to get them to dig deep and connect with what is important to them. To find out what they really want so they can live their life free of fear and regret, doing exactly what they love.

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Stephen Doran

NLP Master Coach

A student of Psychology since 2001, Stephen Doran is now recognised as an NLP expert. Stephen has trained directly with three of the original founders of NLP and has published articles in NLP magazines such as ‘The Best You’. He is an official blogger for Huffington Post.

Stephen began teaching as a support facilitator for The Brain People, before going on become a lead facilitator at Peak Performance Academy and now to be lead facilitator for Make It Happen. NLP is extremely diverse and can be used in a variety of different contexts from sales training to relationship guidance. Stephen now delivers workshops in some of the highest ranking universities in Europe and largest companies in the world on subjects including NLP, Public Speaking, Confidence, Resilience and Assertiveness.

Stephen has been widely recognised in the media for his efforts; including charitable work with young offenders to working with professional athletes literally seconds before they step into the ring, onto the field or pitch and deliver the performance of their career. The diversity of Stephen’s coaching has led to experience and ability unmatched in his field and has also left him in popular demand.

Stephen is the Author of the number on bestseller ‘Burn the Bullshit’, a self- improvement book focused on removing bullshit beliefs and teaching you how to live before you die. He was a semi-finalist on BBC 2’s ‘Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week’ and is one of the main investors on TV Channels Dave’s ‘The Money Pit’. As well as being the lead facilitator for Make It Happen, he is responsible for creating the Live Daily ethos.

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Carol-Ann Reid

Life Coach, Positivity Practitioner and NLP Practitioner

Carol-Ann Reid recognises that there is not a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to coaching and her ability to create rapid transformation is where her expertise lies.

She is a Life Coach, Positivity Practitioner and NLP Practitioner with the Institute of Psychological Qualifications and Assessment (IPQA).

Carol-Ann not only helps you to get from where you are now to where you want be, she empowers you to develop on a deeper level that ensures lasting results.

Her journey with psychology, personal development and entrepreneurship started after she transformed her own life back in 2008. After loosing her step dad to suicide and came close to loosing her own life through a selection of bad choices, she came to realise that in order to create any positive change in your life, no matter if that’s health, finances, relationships, it all starts from within.

She became a successful business developer and life coach and has since Co-Founded her own company, Snapp Happy Ltd which specialises in helping children and adults strengthen resilience, build confidence and create a more positive mindset. It is underpinned by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). She is an international motivational speaker and co-host of the Elite Network Manchester.

One of Carol-Ann’s greatest personal achievements is being invited to MC an event in London for thousands of female entrepreneurs, she is also writing her first book “Route 66 – Your Highway to Happiness” She has been featured in magazines as a mindset expert and advisor and has interviewed on numerous radio stations discussing positive mindset and the power of habits.

A recent client of Carol-Ann’s shared “Carol-Ann has helped me to change my life in many ways. Her wisdom, caring nature and pure intellect are second to none but what’s even more impressive is her ability to read people and both understand you and what makes you tick but also what you need to do to make the changes which will impact you and your life in a phenomenal way. Her coaching is worth her weight in gold and beyond, I am a more fulfilled, happier, confident and successful individual as a result of the work I have encountered with her”.

Carol-Ann is passionate about helping her clients achieve the results they desire and some. She ignites your motivation and utilises her skills and experiences to ensure you are overcoming any barriers that you are currently facing, remove blocks that have been holding you back from achieving success in the past, get clarity and laser focus on your goals and action steps and holds you accountable to ensure you achieve the lasting success you deserve and desire.

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